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What is Kvant Community?

Kvant Community is a concept that is created in order to provide a professional, convenient and anonymous springboard to your next big career move. We provide an arena where you can showcase your capabilities, experiences and ambitions and at the same time have an agent working to make that ambition come true.

Our goal is to be the single best place to find excellent consultants and the best place for you to find you next big career opportunity

The Community is specifically tailored for senior profiles with experience from management consulting and audit. Kvant is hiring for roles within management consulting, finance, business development and strategy.

For consultants by consultants

Kvant Community is created by Kvant Consulting, which is a recruitment and consulting agency whose ambition is to challenge the traditional recruitment industry with more digital and data driven services. We are management consultants ourselves and believe that is the only way to understand your true value. Membership in Kvant Community is free of charge.

How will Kvant Community help you

Most job opportunities are missed out on based on coincidence. By letting us know what you want and what you are capable of, we will help you dont miss out on your dream job
  • Provide great career opportunities
    We specialize in recruitment of consultants and we understand your competence and market value. Through us, you get an agent that continuously work to find your next big career move.
  • Neutral career partner
    We provide neutral career guidance and advise, in order to help you make the right moves at the right time and achieve your goals. We also provide insight on salaries and coaching.
  • How does it work

    Who is Kvant

    Kvant Consulting is a recruitment and consulting agency focused at management consulting and finance. We want to challenge a well established industry and create more relevant services for both businesses and talents.

    Our ambition is to create a global talent community that better understand the competence and desires of candidates, in order to better match talent with business.

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    Jørgen Iversen
    Ole Kristian Lohnaas
    Øivind Persen
    Tor Daneshmand

    Practical information

  • We don't want to overload you with information. We keep a "once per month" policy and will make sure to keep information and offers you receive relevant.
  • The community membership is anonymous and disclosure of your identity to potential employers requires your approval. 
  • You can choose your level of engagement - meaning that you are able to freeze your membership if you would like to avoid job offers for a period of time